Lectures/ presentations for Earth Day in the CODA building

There are no lectures scheduled for 2014.  Last year’s 2013 presentations:      

1.     10 AM  Local Resources for Greener Homes and Families - By Staff at Natural Awakenings Magazine

2.     11 AM   Are You Hungry for Change? - partial showing of Hungry for Change film.  Discover the hidden and compelling information behind the foods we eat and what you may not realize that could transform your journey towards a healthy food supply for your families and yourself.   with  Gayla D’Gaia and friends

3.     12  N  Transforming Local Landscapes through Art and Culture – By Brian McConnel, recently presented at the Marginal Arts lecture series.

4.     1 PM  Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems – by Roger Beale, retired systems engineer will present how he constructed and engineered his wind/ solar system.  http://www.homepower.com/articles/mail-homebrew-wind

5.     2:15 PM  Uranium Mining.  Risks and benefits. Discuss how mining uranium can effect the environment with Freeda Cathcart, FMLI

6.     3:00  PM  Food Sovereignty  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_sovereignty.   A discussion by Lick Run (Link to http://www.lickrun.org/) on their efforts in Roanoke for creating food sovereignty with a short video on La Via Campesina’s national movement.

Roger Beale: Roger_Beale's_Hybrid_Renewable_Energy_System


For more information;  Please contact Polly Branch, acornbranch64@aol.com

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