Earth Day Roanoke History

Earth Day Roanoke is a grassroots festival organized by volunteers like you  since 1990. The number of participating environmental groups have ranged from 20 –  80 exhibition booths.   Earth Day Roanoke has been held in different Roanoke Parks around the city and lately has been held in the historic Grandin Village of Roanoke.  Past locations include: Wasena Park, Mill Mountain Park, Explore Park, and Highland Park.

As a grassroot citizens festival,  please sign up and help if you can.  Volunteer / contact form on home page.

Each year, opportunities change and expand according to the people who get involved.  Festival areas include: Children’s activities, Education Booths, Food, Entertainment, Music,  Art happenings, Healthy Demonstrations (Yoga, Martial Arts) and Hands on Ecological Models (Composting Displays).   Thanks for sharing your inspirations, and for visiting

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